Open Chat!

Open fan discussion pertaining to the new segments 'On The Telephone' and 'Good Advice.' Feel free to pick the segments to pieces in the comments below. :) Bicker, flame, mope, plot against me, celebrate, cry, analyze, criticize, etc. And for those wailing over 'Good Advice'...please put down the pitchforks and torches. There's a method to the m(s)adness, rest assured. The next segment will cheer you all up a little, at any rate.

Now on with the comments!

WCMI Update...3 Days Left!

All old segments are now visible on the Tumblr. I suggest you all reacquaint yourselves with them before Monday so the story's continuation isn't too jarring. I have gathered links to all segments on one page to make navigation among chapters easier. New chaps will be added to this page as they are uploaded.

On midnight (pacific time) 10/6 the first new segment will be unlocked. Two more segments (major storyline segments, at that) will be unlocked one by one later that day. I'll unlock them when the mood strikes me. :p

I will also post a link to each new segment here when it loads. :)

Chapter Navigation page (best way to get around the Tumblr)

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